EMP Shield Review

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EMP shield is designed to protect your entire home from lightning, power surges, solar flare, and electromagnetic pulse. Built to exceed military standards, the device is the world’s fastest whole home surge protector that’s tested to defend against the E1, E2, and E3 phases of an EMP. Technologies used to develop this revolutionary device have been tested at Keystone Compliance as per military standards.

EPM shield has been designed with lightning defense technology that has been proven to withstand real lightning strikes in over 30 homes across the US. Besides, it costs less than most home insurance deductibles, so you can go ahead and safeguard your apartment or house from a destructive light strike and a solar flare.

The device is 100% American-made in Kansas and listed by the Homeland Security department in their latest EMP resilience report. EMP Shield has surpassed the following Military EMP standards;

What Does EMP Shield Do?

With EMP Shield you will have:

EMP Protection
All Phases an EMP (E1, E2, & E3)

Lightning Protection
100% Lightning Guarantee Backed By a $25,000 Insurance Policy

Solar Flare Protection
Up to 228,000 Amps

How does EMP shield work?

As we already mentioned, EMP shield guarantees to protect all the electronics and equipment connected to the electrical system. This is done by shorting the voltage surges collected within your home. Whether the overvoltage is coming from your electrical system or the electricity grid, the shield will manage the surge and protect your home electrical system.

What makes this device outstanding is the working mechanism that drains away voltage from the equipment before it can rise to damaging levels. The technology used reacts in less than 1 billionth of a second, which is enough to protect over 100,000 amps. The new technology referred to as SightSpeedTM will keep all your electronics protected.


EMP shield costs depend on the unit being protected. There are various EMP shields as follows:

This depends on the breaker box design in your home. A shield for a breaker box that extends from the wall costs $389 while a breaker box in flush with the wall goes for $399.

This suite includes tools for protecting you against EMP, solar flares, and lightning and goes for $389.

This is EMP protection up to 200 watts and will set you back $299.

There’s a variety of solar models to choose from depending on the optimal input voltage range of the device being protected. Pricing ranges from $299 to $399.

Home generator shielding and lightning protection goes for $389.

There a variety of EMP shield 3 phase models to choose from ranging from $429 – $449.

For RVs, travel campers, renters, and camping, the EMP Shield Device goes for $389.

If you’d like to protect your valued motorcycle against EMP, this device goes for $389.


Most Needed EMP Protection


Protecting your electronic gear from EMP doesn’t have to be that hard or expensive. It’s a pity that most of the available power surge protectors may not provide adequate EMP protection. With the EMP shield protection, your entire home is safe from coronal mass ejection, power surges, lightning, and electromagnetic pulse.

Besides, it’s super easy to install depending on the unit you need to protect. It’s also more affordable than the nearest surge protectors costing about $350. The device from Tim Carty is definitively worth it.

So why wait until the disaster strikes to start wallowing in regrets? Grab your device now and sleep at peace tonight knowing your home is protected!

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How to Install EMP Shield

Home Install

Learn how to easily install an EMP Shield in your home for EMP and lightning protection

Vehicle Install

Learn how to easily install an EMP Shield in your vehicle for EMP and lightning protection.

EMP Education

Understand how EMP’s work and how the EMP Shield can provide protection against them.

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